Micro Brand Growth Hub with more than 2 decades

of experience in E-commerce & Technology

Welcome to the new microbrand era.

We are living in a new era of ecommerce where microbrands are taking on traditional big brands. This trend has evolved by the expansion of global ecommerce marketplaces, in a way that microbrands can compete with the big brands.

The Challenge of Global Ecommerce 

It takes years of experience and operational excellence to keep your products at the top of search. We do it by optimizing our brands for global ecommerce marketplaces with our Q99 Ecom System

Q99 Ecom System 

  • Quick global activation (110 countries) 

  • Unique marketing and sales tech capabilities that enable ‘Map and Act’

  • Strong logistics capabilities- Short time to market at low MOQ’s (full E2E within less than 4 month)

  • Strong fulfillment capabilities through partnerships, Amazon prime standard at up to 15% less cost

  • Real time agility – short time to action

  • Low risk/high reward process

Business Team

What We Do


Amazon Opportunities

We acquire Amazon brands with growth potential and global expansion opportunity.


Brandzon Microbrands

Using Q99 Ecom System, we create and build microbrands with high global expansion potential. 


Partnership with Industry Experts

We partner with experts to create high quality and unique global microbrands.

Our Values

Having more than 2 decades of experience in E-commerce and technology, merged to create unique competitive advantage and reduce risks.

We believe in trust, quality, execution, and sustainable value creation to our consumers, customers, and business partners. Moreover, our team has created product and service experiences that have positively touched hundreds of millions of consumers and generated millions of dollars in revenue and company valuation.

Do you have a unique brand?

Do you have a brand to sell?

Are you the manufacture of a unique product?

Are you looking for a partner with decades of know-how?

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